Sunday, November 12, 2017

Take A Hint

It's been said ,
yet you don't understand.
Can't you listen ?

Or maybe,
You can't take a hint,
A hint of any kind.

It's been done,
And it's been shown,
Can't  you see it ?

Or maybe ,
You can't face facts,
Facts that are reality.

You've promised yourself,
To never fall back,
But you still do.
Why can't you learn?

Or maybe,
You are too weak,
Too weak to handle rejection.

Can't You read between the lines?
Learn to take a hint,
A hint of any kind.
Face facts,
And be strong.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Might Go Insane

I keep on running from myself,
Looking for somewhere safe,
To lay all my thoughts.

I keep forgetting who I am,
Burying all I have , away,
Looking for comfort, in a war zone.

Call me crazy, Call me a psycho
Cause there are times ,
When I keep losing my mind,

I keep stressing out,
On things beyond my control.

And I keep losing my mind,
I might go insane,
For the things that don't matter.

I keep trying to tell myself,
That its good at the end,
At the end,
I might go insane.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

💞I'm Sorry

Maybe I came too strong,
And my ego had the best of me.
I should have stayed away.

You live a simple life,
And I'm sorry for the complications I brought.
I should have stayed away.

I'm sorry for trying too hard,
I should have read between the lines.
I should have stayed away.

It was all my mistake,
For believing in us.
I should have stayed away.

I kept talking,
Even when you prayed for silence.
I should have stayed away.

I'm sorry for walking on your peace of mind,
I should have minded my own business.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for trying too hard,
I should have read between the lines.
I should have stayed away.

I'm sorry

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Give me an Oscar

I've played according,
Listened to every word you say,
But I never replied.

Here I stand today,
My emotions beating me,
But I stand still.

I laugh the pain away,
smile away anyway.
But I never cry

So give me an Oscar ,
for the times I stayed,
when I could've left

Watch me, watch me
take the stage,
to give you this performance.

You toy me around,
and I Barbie that way, this way
But i'm still sane .

So give me an Oscar
for this great performance,
i'm just an actor

Watch me, watch me
take the stage
to give you this performance


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Your worth it

"... It's not who you are that holds you back , it's who you think you're not . it's important to know that you're special, even though no one else says it. Keep going ..."

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Save yourself, live a good life

Everyone carries an opinion,
And everything never please everyone.
You can't shorten your happiness by striving to keep people thinking positive about you.
Don't be afraid of life,
Dig in and let your efforts be fruitful.
Look around,
Everyone is going through something,
So why do you eat yourself up thinking the world is against you?
Take a leap of faith, and stay strong.
Against all odds,
No great man ever made it without oppositions.
So, keep doing what you do best because you can't please them all.
Save yourself and live a good life,
If people talk behind your back, remember that it only means you are two steps ahead of them.

Friday, June 9, 2017

2012 Confessions


Another look at you,
and I remember how you betrayed me.
I  blink to verify,
and I see that same smile that fooled me.
Fooled me, to believe that you could be trusted.
How naive was I?
I should have known better.

Trapped inside these memories,
when I was busy thinking you were awesome,
which I pray to forget.

Keep Apologizing, 
But I don't think you can ever fix this.
The damage was done,.
You are untrustable,
Unreliable and heartless.

Did you ever consider my feelings,
And how it would affect me?

I spent a great deal of time,
Investing my trust in you.
I always knew you'd be by side,
and you'd wipe my tears when I cry.
Things were perfect the way they were,
At least, that's what i thought.

Thank you for going behind my back,
When i thought it was us against the world.
Thank you for back stabbing me.
Life will continue to go on.
I've forgiven you, but I'll never forget.