Blue Skies

Blue Skies💙

When I look up in the sky,
All, I can see is just your face,
Looking down at me,
With that breathtaking smile.

All I can imagine,
is just you and me.

Every time I glimpse towards the skies,
these very blue skies,
Everything becomes better.
Nothing but total bliss.
A trouble-free life.

All I can imagine is a life with you,
And these blue skies remind me of you.
They are my tickets to you.
Think of blue skies, think of us.

Come rain, come thunder,
I'll never forget how you always said it.
"Where ever you are,
Just look at the blue skies, and you'll find me."
And so I did, believing that you'd always be there,
There, there for me when I needed you.

But, I was wrong,'
I should have known better.

Now, all i see are grey skies.
No more you, no more us,
And no more your beautiful smile.

All  I can feel is imprisonment.
All that's left is emptiness.
No more beauty in the blue skies,
No more , no more.
No more blue skies, No more hope.
Where are you ?

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