My beloved Brother

Dear Dan

"You are the best brother E V E R "

I may not have said it to you, but you are my best-friend. You made my childhood life a miracle, I love you Dan.

Having you around has benefited me a lot. You helped me believe, even when there was no hope. You made my struggles easier by helping me get through. Your shoulder of support was more than enough. I was never lonely. When everybody hated me, you gave me every reason to still live on. You kind words still groove in my memories.

Through the bullies and all, you stood for me and helped me get through.  Even though we fight sometimes, what matters is that golden reconciliation at the end. To me, you are family, to the world you are a star.

It has always been Dan and Dale. You are my only co-sibling, and that being, I cherish you with all I have.

Dear Dan, you've always been my idol, my view of success. I wish you well in everything you do. May God give you that special touch, that everything you touch turns to gold.

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