Friday, June 9, 2017

2012 Confessions


Another look at you,
and I remember how you betrayed me.
I  blink to verify,
and I see that same smile that fooled me.
Fooled me, to believe that you could be trusted.
How naive was I?
I should have known better.

Trapped inside these memories,
when I was busy thinking you were awesome,
which I pray to forget.

Keep Apologizing, 
But I don't think you can ever fix this.
The damage was done,.
You are untrustable,
Unreliable and heartless.

Did you ever consider my feelings,
And how it would affect me?

I spent a great deal of time,
Investing my trust in you.
I always knew you'd be by side,
and you'd wipe my tears when I cry.
Things were perfect the way they were,
At least, that's what i thought.

Thank you for going behind my back,
When i thought it was us against the world.
Thank you for back stabbing me.
Life will continue to go on.
I've forgiven you, but I'll never forget.