Monday, May 26, 2014

dale muteto

dale muteto 

I answer to the name Dale Muteto, i was born on 16 December 1997 by Linet Muteto my graceful mother and Freeman Muteto my dearest father. i have to say, i was not their only child, i had a bigger brother named Dan. Yeah the unique sequence of the "D's" .

Being a member of this family was really a blessing. I grew up getting everything i always wanted, from expensive toys to a whole loving family. My brother was my best friend, i have to admit it. Even though we seldom quarreled, it soon came to a point that i realized that all my life my brother was my childhood pal. I love you DAN MUTETO, #always.

My parents were self employed, they runned their own  business   called Partners Investments which was later on changed to Homerum Investments when they built a safari lodge called pumba safari lodge.
they were both medical practitioners who owned a Surgery.

Being Dale Muteto has been an advantage to my life, yeah even though i sometimes wished i was not me. rather, my mother would guide me to accepting myself and feeling confident in my own skin. i was not that people's person like both of my parents who were honourables in our home town, they were addressed as "mother, and father." It was really difficult for me to get used to it but hey that was non of my business...

i learned to love myself, enjoy the benefits and live the life of being me. Dale Muteto